Finally spring!

Farger i manesjen
Enjoying spring!

I think most Norwegians really have longed for spring this year – it has been a looooong winter, and we have had more snow than we usually have. But finally, the temperature is steadily above zero and the last weeks have actually had pretty warm&sunny days causing the first spring flower to blossom!

So here is my friends son – in the sweater I made for the magazine “Garn”. My first model was in size 8 years, so this was the test-knit for size four. The pattern was downsized just by pure mathematics… and I was so worried it was not large enough for a four-year old! But he was kind enough to try it on! A funny – happy – and most energetic four-year old, finally getting his bike out! It is so fun to finis garments like this – and see that a sweater turns out nice and wearable! The pattern is available in Ravelry through the magazine!

And more details about the lifted stitches technique and the Latvian twist edges can be found in the two previous posts.

No more snow in the roads!