Latvian twist



I really like the effect of a latvian twist as a trimming –  especially on childrens garments.
My newest design was in a circus theme edition of “Bladet garn” and I used it for all edges on a sweater (you can get it as an ebook in english in Ravelry!). It is much simpler to do than it looks, here are a few photos to show the four important steps:

1: Knit the trimming the way you want it (I prefer garter stitches):

DSC_7387 (1)

2: Knit five stitches, and then turn the left side of the work clockwise:


3: Knit stitch number six directly after the turn:


4: Knit five stitches, and do the same; turn the left side of the work clockwise (point 1-3):

Work from 1-4 until the end, and if this is the start of a garment just continue with your pattern!

Hope it made sense and that the images are of any help! It is really easy – and so sweet!

The wrist and the hem
The neck