My first published pattern – a sneak peak!

HegeRussnes_Farger_i_manesjen_DSC_2496_previewSorry for being absent for more than a year! The reason is not only a busy life…but a major reason is that I decided to write down more of my designs to see if anyone was interested in publishing it. And then it is important not to show of anything in advance!

And now the first one is actually in print – in a lovely magazine called “Bladet Garn” – a Norwegian knitting magazine featuring mainly nordic designers with different themes (you can find them here: Bladet Garn). So finally I can show a sneak peak of this design – it is a sweater for children called “Farger I Manesjen”, the theme is “old fashioned circus” and I used lifted stitches and Latvian twist to really make it colourful and happy! I share a few photos here with you, and more can be found on Instagram where they share some of the other designs as well! The magazine is available next week I think – will follow up with some more info then!