Syringa finally blooming!
Syringa finally blooming!

June has been a weird month in Norway. Usually it is the month where we finally get warm, sunny days and can wear skirts and shorts for school/work and enjoy the looooong bright nights as the sun sets really really late. But this year it has been cold, stormy and not like summer at all. I thought my theme for June would be lace jackets, but my inspiration and motivation have not appeared yet… So no I am finishing all unfinished projects (too many…I have kept several of them for myself and not sheared them here!), and hope July will be better!

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  1. Ha! I know the feeling. It’s very cold and rainy here in the uk and doesn’t feel like June at all. I love your blog, I am a knitter at heart and have also knitted since I was about 5 years old. Somehow I got into printing though, but I still knit!! Your work is wonderful!


    1. Thank you! I think creativity can unfold in many ways, but it is difficult to be skilled in many, as all artistry and crafting is hard work demanding lots of time… But you made a wise choice to pursue prints; yours are beautiful!


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