Skiing in January
Skiing in January

January is one of my favourite months; in Norway the minutes with daylight increase day by day and we know that the worst part of the winter is over. Or it is to be said that often face a couple of cold months before we can welcome the spring. So I feel the January must be the month for socks. I have only rarely knitted socks up to now. The reason is probably twofold; I have had a steadily supply of hand knitted socks from (older) family members and I have found it a bit hard to get a nice heel… To say it as it is; I do prefer to knit without a chart or instruction, and have thus never really learnt how to do it. Embarrassing… So now I started with reading a crafting book from 1964 (!) with detailed instruction (“Den store håndarbeidsboka”, published by Dovre Mønster). The first sock is almost done…

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