Snow in summer

The second skiing sweater was finished just in time for the anticipated mountain trip; the twins were very convinced that both of them needed their new woollen sweater for the mountain hikes!

And they were right; the weather was of the (typically!) highly variable kind; sunny – cloudy – rainy – and even snowy! And what is the best clothing then – wool of course! So the sweaters were much used and I got some good opportunities for nice photos! The newest sweater I given the name “sommersnø”, “snow in summer”. The pattern have two types of snow crystals, both are old and much used in traditional Norwegian sweaters. Again I knitted it top-down, giving a nice and warm turtle neck. I used a yarn from Sandnes, (Merinoull) it is incredibly soft and was a favourite for the girls that hate itchy sweaters! Fisking

So now I was considering to make one for my self… but my oldest daughter wants one as well, so might have to make up a pattern for her first!