Mosaic knitting

I have been very fascinated by mosaic knitting – the technique where you knit with one color at the time but you lift stitches so it almost looks like it is a stranded type of knitting. If you at the same time purl (or knit back-and-forth), a three-dimensional effect is created. There are so many lovely examples, patterns and variations of this technique, just browse Pinterest and get amazed! I like to make something “real” when I test new techniques, and cloths are excellent for this purpose. I made some last summer to learn a lace technique – they became nice presents!


I used the description for a baby blanket from Purl Soho (you can find it here) and used some cotton Rowan yarn I found in my stash. It was pretty easy as soon as I got into it so I made two of them, just changing which one used for the dominating part of the pattern. Pretty nice! And they come in handy when on a vacation in a cabin without a dishwasher…!