Skiing in June

So, finally finished; the much wanted skiing sweater one of my daughters have been wanting! It was to be finished this winter, but was put away due to a bad shoulder and too little time for knitting. But now it is done, and my daughter found it perfect for a walk in the woods on a cool June Saturday morning (so not a sweater for skiing yet!). It is in a soft merino wool from Sandnes; this yarn has a very “vintage” colour palette and was perfect for this old pattern.

The pattern is a version from an old Dale pattern called “Trysling” (a vintage version for a jacket can been found at Ravelry, but this image show the version I liked). I chose to knit it top-down; as I did not have a pattern with measurements it I find it much easier as I can check the size along the way. I therefore made raglan sleeves (by increases), that is actually not very Norwegian! I also made the “branches” in the pattern alternate which direction they “point” to.

A small friend!

And I also have an major error…when I recently picked it up to knit the sleeves, I missed one round of white/yellow alternating stitches at every switch between the patterns… Nobody has noticed yet – but you can probably spot it on the image above?! I have written about knitting errors before; I always embrace such errors!