Hipp Hipp Hurra!

My old, handmade bunad from Sunnmøre, Norway.

…or “hip hip hooray” in English! We just celebrated our Independence day here in Oslo! It is a very “social” day, we walk in the streets, all bands and schoolchildren are parading and we dress up in fine clothes. Many have a national costume (bunad); handmade in wool decorated with embroideries and ribbons and representing different regions of our country. The one I am wearing was made by my grandmother in her youth and is from Sunnmøre (the eastern coast of Norway). I also celebrated that I finally had managed to finish a project… it was actually a few months since last time! Due to a (too…) busy job there have been scarcely any time left for knitting. And my shoulder has also been a bit troublesome, so I needed to switch to crochet (which worked fine!). And for the bunad I have always wanted a shawl as May can still be pretty cold here… I had some very nice black stash yarn (alpaca and silk from Sandnes, used double strand) and found this pattern at Ravelry (10001 Triangle Shawl). Pretty easy to do, but it took some time as you get additional repeats for every row. I added some other colours, mostly green and blue, and it made a very nice effect! I probably should have chosen more colours close to the ones in the embroderies, but I wanted to use it not only for the bunad, and blue and green are my favourites so that ended up to be the preferred ones!