Rustling Leaves in London


So little time for knitting these days, but a weekend trip to London with my mother and my daughters made room for a few small projects! London is less than two hours away from Oslo (by plane!) but when you include train/bus to get to and from airports, it is plenty of time for knitting! The red oneI did not have any projects suitable to bring (I am working on my biggest stash project ever; a blanket which is more then 2/3 done…and thus very big!) so I decided to make one of the most beautiful hats I know of; the “Rustling Leaves Beret” by Alana Dakos.
I got the book it was published in (Costal Knits) last year but have not made anything from it so far.
So I grabbed some leftover yarn (Sandnes’ alpaca and silk, grey, used in my Vintage jumper), suitable needles and took a photo of the pattern.
The pattern is fun to make and the hat was finished during the trip and the first day in London, but I realised that the choice of yarn always matters…Alpacka and Silk it was not a total disaster, but the structure pattern and the type of beret really deserve some more firmly spun yarn. I could not convince any of the girls to make a trip to a “real” yarnstore in London but at John Lewis there was a decent choice of yarn.

So during the next day and the trip home a second hat was knit in Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino (the red one).

After washing an blocking (using a dinner plate), both of them actually turned out pretty nice!Blocking1Blocking2

6 responses to “Rustling Leaves in London

  1. They turned out beyond nice. I love Alana’s podcast. It’s one of the two knitting podcasts, of the many available, that I enjoy and listen to regularly. I am glad the trip was a good one, although I think I would have had a mental meltdown had I traveled to London without time for a stop in a yarn shop. Tragic.

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    • I know….I tried to “accidentally” see if we could do some sights close to a store…but the trip was a present from my mother to the girls so we needed to do Hamleys and lots of museums 😉

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