The Four Seasons shawl

This is the result of taking part in a “mystery knit-a-long”; the shawl “Four Seasons” by Alana Dakos. I have to admit I got a bit obsessed; it was so exciting to get a new part of the pattern every Friday that I was finished with the previous part just in time to be able to start on the new one. And I therefore got a big, warm shawl done in four weeks… and me who have never before managed to motivate myself for such a project…! It is really awfully many stitches towards the end, and I was pretty sick of all the cables… But the last part was a lace pattern that was quite easy to knit. And the binding off was by an I-cord, which I had never done before, so I learned that as well!

I did the I-cord as a purl type which I think suited the lace border!