Alana Dakos’s Mystery Shawl Knit-a-long

Mystery shawl knit-a-long

Mystery shawl knit-a-long

As I still have not manage to motivate myself to knit a big shawl and Alana Dakos (Never Not Knitting) launched a Mystery Shawl knit-a-long, I thought this was the perfect time to just take the challenge! I have been following Alanas work for some time; I am very fond of her “Botanical knits” but have never tried any of the patterns. So I ordered Cascade 220 in “natural” (managed to find it in a Norwegian internet yarn store; Garnbutikken Fortuna) and received the yarn Wednesday and the first clue last Friday. So the pattern is divided into four parts, the one part being released every Friday.

And without spoiling anything for other participants (the second clue was released today)
I here show how the start of the shawl looks after finishing the first clue only!

Lovely how the cables flow and how they in combination with increases looks like small leaves. It is a bit challenging that there are no images so you have to really read the instructions very carefully! Now I have started on clue #2…it looks great!

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