A “spinning” gift for Christmas

This was “the gift of the year” 2015 in our family; my husband gave me a turkish spindle! And lots of wool…

The spindle is from Jenkins woodworks of the type “Aegen spindle” made of Hawthorne. It is so beautiful and delicate! And I like the decoration with the two small Ladybirds, makes it very personal.I was totally taken by surprise! And especially when he told me how few are available for sale and how hard it is to manage to get one. And my second gift was a large bag of Norwegian wool (two types!) ready for spinning!

But on Christmas eve (we open presents Christmas afternoon) I almost did not have any chance to try it myself…the most eager person to try was the giver of the present! I just had to take a photo of him; he is spinning in his traditional costume (a Norwegian bunad from Trøndelag,  the region of the country he grew up in).

But I guess his pose and technique is not recommended… Now I study videos on youtube and hope to be able to take a course during a spring weekend. It is very fascinating! And if you have good tips for videos or websites for beginners, I would be so happy to know!