The last project of 2015


Kofte ferdigI am always surprised how fast December passes by. This, combined with neglecting the last years promises of starting preparations for Christmas in due time, resulted in a stressful month… But now the Christmas cakes are eaten, the presents opened and the family gatherings done. And in-between there have been some time for knitting and finishing the last project of 2015; my kofte. Well, here it is! It is lined with a latvian twist and can be closed with clasps in pewter.
I have written details about the start of it before, you can find it here and about my more traditional one here. Kofte helAnd a few more lessons learned when knitting without any pattern… such as:

-prepare and plan well (the body is a bit too slim and too long)

-keep an eye on the gauge (I accidentally used a higher needle number on the body compared to the sleeves…grrrr)

-always use stitch markers (the middle of the front ended up a few stitches aside from where I started off…)

-be sure to have enough yarn (I needed to undo some of the swatches I made to have enough).

Well, all that said, it still turned out pretty nice I think! It was inspired from the yarn colours from the small Norwegian spinnery Telespinn. I rarely knit with such stark colours, but these I could not resist. I first thought of the contrast between fjord, mountains and green grass, but I named the pattern (which I doubt I never manage to write down!) Aurora; I grew up in the Northern parts of Norway where the winter sky frequently would be painted by the fabulous Aurora Borealis phenomenon.

The kofte turned out to be a bit small for me, but one of my daughters is fond of strong colours and immediately fell in love with it; it is the best when knitting wear is loved & used! Kofte bak2