More Mittens…

This month I have been quite true to my “theme”, and this is the result: four pairs of mittens. Well…I only show three of them as I have experimented with a nice structure pattern and different types of yarn… and Mohair yarn does NOT work at all! My wrists hurt after having knitted one, so it will never be a finished pair of those! But I have been almost addicted to this lifted stitches technique. It is fun to knit and it makes very thick and warm mittens. The three pairs are in different sizes but also different yarn types. My favourite so far is the red one in a blend of wool and alpaca (Mitu from Rauma Garn).

I have started to write down the pattern but the increases for the thumb has been challenging (to keep the structure nice). I think have a solution now, so I hope to have it out for test knitting soon!

Mittens and Hat
I am prepared for winter with the hat “Norwegian Summer” in bulky yarn (Boréal from Fonty) and the mittens!