My first pattern for sale!

As mentioned I had finished my first pattern that I wanted to prepare for publishing on Ravelry; now  the hat called “Norwegian Summer” has been through test knitting and revised and is for sale! First I had one version in bulky yarn (showed here), this pattern is written for a thinner yarn of sports type that makes it a bit more comfortable

The first of four pages of the pattern!

The first of four pages of the pattern!

I probably had an idea that as I have been knitting for sooooooo many years and feel quite confident reading/using both Norwegian and English (even German!) patterns, it would be quite easy to write up a hat pattern…. But sadly, I was wrong… It was not too hard to put the first version together. It was actually quite fun to do the layout etc. Further, it was really amazing to have it out for testing in The Testing Pool in Ravelry! Within a few days I had six fantastic volunteers that wanted to test knit the pattern/hat, you can read about it here. Ravelry is a community with so many knitters that really want to contribute and help out! I received so good feedback; everything from spelling errors, weird english, ideas for clarifying the instructions, etc etc. I learned so much and have spent many hours on counting, measuring, re-knitting. and rewriting the entire pattern… I think it improved a lot; and I hope it will be a design that others enjoy knitting! Time will show, meanwhile I have several other designs I consider to write down/publish, just need more spare time….!

Thin_back copy

8 responses to “My first pattern for sale!

    • Thank you! I feel a bit uncomfortable charging more; it is my first pattern for sale and I feel I need more experience/skills before I can charge more! But I am really happy if people will like it and make lots of variants of the hat!!!

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  1. Congratulations on publishing your pattern! The whole process of correctly writing one is very daunting. Three times now I’ve tried but have bogged down with all the details.


    • Thank you! I know what you mean, it was LOTS of work. But it was worth it! And it was very good to start with a simple one 🙂 We’ll see how long it will take me to do a second one… (mittens I think!)


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