An update on my Kofte!

One of my daughters have commented that I really do not dress very colourful… And I have to admit that she is right. But when I knit I really prefer to knit colourful garments. Then it is really great to have kids to knit for, as they (so far…) have wanted lots of colours (such as the “happy feet” socks I made for two of them the last month!). But this months Kofte project was actually for myself, and to my surprise it turns out to be rather colourful!

Wonderful colours!

Wonderful colours!

I think it has to do with the yarn I wanted to use, a yarn from Telespinn, a small yarn mill on an old farm in a valley south in Norway. They have specialised in wool from mohair goats which make the yarn soft, quite light and not itchy. What I really like is that they have a astonishing selection of colours and that they make different yarn qualities. The sports type (Pan) is the one I am using for the Kofte. I have tried to capture some of the colours I have chosen, but I am not sure that the photos will show the brightness of each of them. To select the colours I bought a colour chart from them with samplers; that was very convenient!

I am a bit behind on this project, but so far I am almost done with both sleeves.

Fjord, Grass, Mountain and Wool!

Fjord, Grass, Mountain and Wool!

The pattern is inspired by the colour contrasts of Norwegian summer; blue fjords, green grass and red/orang vegetations in the mountains (but it might be that I am the only one to “see” that!). I am now planning what patterns to use on the front and back; have not yet decided…!

15 responses to “An update on my Kofte!

  1. Oh goodness! I LOVE those colours! Will be an amazing kofta! We have just done a project on colour at school and soon I will learn how to colour yarn so this is inspiring.:) Kram /Christina


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