A pre-winter Saturday

The last few mornings here in Oslo has shown temperatures below zero. After a much too busy week it was easy to convince most members of the family to spend the first part of the day walking in the woods. The reward was crisp cold air, sheets of thin ice on all puddles (to jump on and break!) and crystals of ice on every plant the sun had not reached yet. And it was the day for digging out old and new hats and mittens. All girls had their individual versions of “thick and thin” hats, the striped one was the one recently finished. My husband had his more than ten year old hat I made for him with traditional Norwegian stars/flowers (but I did not manage to get a photo of him!).

This pre-winter time is filled with expectations, now we wait for the snow to come! It is equally exciting every year; the first snow can come tomorrow or it can wait until closer to Christmas. We never know, but will be prepared!

4 responses to “A pre-winter Saturday

  1. We are still in Autumn in Yorkshire, lovely colours, a nip in the air but not yet frosty. Hats, scarfs and gloves are in readiness. Lovely days. Your walk sounds terrific.


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