Funny Feet!

I have actually never fancied gradient yarn where the shifting colours are too different. Partly I think it is annoying to knit when I do not know what “patterns” the colour changes make, and partly as I think it is too noisy.

But when I earlier this summer convinced my twin daughters to walk for 30 minutes to a yarn store (in Paris) and wait for me to look&feel almost every single skein in the store, I of course bought whatever yarn they wanted! They picked sock yarn from Blue Moon/Socks That Rocks, one rainbow type (Color: Fire on the Mountain) and the other one with sharp yellow and green tones (I do not remember the name…).

Fascinating colours!
Fascinating colours!

So now they have for a couple of months been begging me to knit socks for them, and I finally gave in… To my surprise it was super-fun to knit with this type of yarn! The quality was excellent and the rainbow type had some amazing combinations of yellow/violet/red that was so nice! And the most impressive thing was that as the pattern all depend on the number of stitches, I think 64 stitches knitted on 4 needles were a success!Yellow, green and some blue

I used the pattern “Hermione’s Everyday Socks” from Erica Lueder as an inspiration. But as I never stick to patterns, I made two different versions. Both got a slipped stitch pattern on the heel I found in an old book, and for one of them I kept the pattern as a sole.

This was actually not a big success; as it make the fibrin tighter the sock looks more like a ballet shoe! But it was rather comfortable! Only one major issue with this project…the socks were a bit too large for my twins so I need to make two new pairs! The good thing was that they fit me and my husband perfectly!