Thick and thin yarn

This is a hat I made a year ago; it was a very trendy hat that you could buy for a small fortune or you could make one much cheaper yourself. I went for the last alternative and my local yarn store provided me with a free, pattern (a photocopy of a handwritten instruction) and yarn. WHiteHatTopTo my surprise they recommended combining “ordinary” wool yarn with a lace quality mohair yarn. This way you could choose how StripedHat5fine the main yarn type should be and thus how (mo)hairy the garment would look. I chose to make one combining the fine yarn Tynn Alpakka (From Du store alpakka) with lace quality Silk Mohair (from Sandnes), and the result has been a much loved (and used!) winter hat!

Now I am making another one also using Tynn Alpakka but combining it with Dreamline Air (also from Du store alpakka). This one has a colorshift that with the number of stitches makes almost diagonal stripes! StripedHat3

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