August sweater; Ocean Waves

August is probably the most busy month in the year for me; realising that vacation is over and getting everyday life back in order is always more demanding than I can remember from the previous year… And knitting was unfortunately not on the top-ten-things-to-be-done on my priority list. Only one project finished; a sweater with stripes in two shades of blue. The yarn was something I picked up in Paris in June, it is made of camel fibre (Camelia, colours Nuit and Écore from Filature du Valgaudemar). Ocean Waves BackIt is knit top-down and with raglan-like increase until I had enough stitches for arms and body. I continued with each of the arms and finally knit the rest. The advantage when starting at the top is the ability to try it on and adjust, which is a necessity when you knit as-you-go without a pattern. I knitted the top part back and forth, and thus made button holes along one of the increases. The rest was knitted on circular needles. I think it will be a comfortable sweater perfect for the fall!