The Tussilago Hat

Tussilago Hat
The yellow yarn I bought in Paris from Madelinetosh has a remarkable colour and when I started to knit a beret with cables/lace pattern, it reminded me of one of my favourite flowers; the Tussilago (although the colour is called Daffodil!). Tussilago farfara (commonly know as Hestehov in Norwegian, coltsfoot in English) is one of the first flowers to be found in Norway every spring. Tussilago Hat, front
Since I was but a small girl, finding the first Hestehov has been to me a most important event, it means that winter is over and we can start to look forward to warmer and sunnier days. Ok, I know it is July now, but I always knit ahead of seasons; it is the only way to be prepared and to be able to enjoy your “new” homemade garment fully! So this winter (that is to come in a few months actually…) I will have my yellow hat to wear to remind me of sunnier days to come! I chose a contrast in the brim, and have knitted a simple cable and lace patters. Now I am making a second version to my mum, we’ll see if I manage to write down the pattern if anyone would like to make one.

6 responses to “The Tussilago Hat

  1. Terrific tam here. The colors are a nice combination. Found your blog via Mollie & Claire as I’m killing time waiting for ADT to come.


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