Dot-a-Dot jacket

Still finishing up old projects… The Dot-a-Dot jacket was planned to be like the Jente Jakke, but as I realised I probably would run out of yarn (bought on sale; a beautiful blend of mohair and alpaca from Sandnes) I had to supply with some yarn I got in Paris (Sweetgeorgia Superwash Chunky). And the daughter who “ordered” the jacket was happy with result; she started using it before I got to sew the buttons on…! For my girls it is very useful to have short sleeved but warm jackets, it does not feel to heavy or too warm and are not that fast outgrown.

Dot-a-Dot, back

Norwegian summer at its most magnificent!

Fjord and Mountains

4 responses to “Dot-a-Dot jacket

    • Thank you Andrea; but you know with a scenery like a sunny Norwegian fjord not much skills in photography is needed 🙂 And I really appreciate your blog as well!


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