Crossing the mountains

Crossing the mountainsAlmost every year we go for vacation visiting my husbands family in a fjord at the western coast of Norway (Vestlandet), spending lazy days fishing in the fjord, eating all kinds of fish dishes and enjoying the company of relatives we see too seldomly. And it gives a lot of room for knitting! First as we have to travel from the eastern part of Norway and crossing the mountains to get to the fjord (long car ride =  lots of time to knit!), and secondly as we have lots of coffee&cake events which is a tradition in Norway when you visit family. I had started on a jacket to one of the girls (as her sister recently got one: Jente jakke) in a yarn from Sandnes I got on sale, and when knitting on the trip to Paris I realised that I might run out of yarn and should consider to get a second colour. So I bought a skein of hand dyed Sweetgeorgia super wash chunky in a nice blue colour (coastal) and made a dot like pattern. I think it will be ok when it is soon finished…! So the trip takes about seven hours, and you can see how it grows! And also how much snow it still is in the mountains of Norway…

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