The Everyday Jacket

The Everyday Jacket

This is a must-have-jacket my pre-teen daughter has begged me to make… She wants sweaters and jackets that are soft, airy and preferably without any buttons or zippers. So when I made the (smaller) Jente Jakke for one of her sisters some weeks back, she convinced me that now it was her turn … The Everyday JacketThe yarn is a Norwegian yarn from Du Store Alpakka and is called Pus (it is a Norwegian nickname for cat/kitten) and is Baby Alpacka with some polyamide and acryl fibre (but it is actually hard to guess that it is synthetic fibbers in it; it is a type of cable spinning). It is knitted as simple garther stitch in five pieces. I used needle no. 7, and as I do not knit very loose I probably should have considered to use one size larger…
I made each of the front pieces broader so they were overlapping, which makes it very nice to “tuck” into. But with simple and almost invisible button holes… I also wanted to make a high neck that could be folded nicely down, but that was totally out of the question!  DSC_2177 copy denne
All pieces were sewn together,  and luckily, the first evening she wore it was cold one, and the next morning she agreed to have the buttons included!  I might consider to make a longer version (with high neck!) for myself!

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