A more than 20 years old Rowan sweater…

My old Rowan sweater, still in use!

My old Rowan sweater, still in use!

BlåGenser5In my early twenties I discovered (through my knitting sister!) the fabulous world of Rowan yarn and designs. The designs were indeed different and much more diverse than most Norwegian designs at that time. In addition, the huge variation in yarn types and the colour palettes was amazing, although the Norwegian yarn was in my opinion of an equal quality (and still is). Over the years I have knitted several garments, and last weekend I discovered one of my first ones in our old cabin in the woods. I knitted it when I was a student, I would guess it was in 1992 or 1993, but the pattern is probably from the late 80’s. I remember the yarn was too expensive for me, but I could not resist and spent some of my scholarship money on it… It is a heavy sweater, and with the typical wide style of the 90’s. The flowers are knitted with different yarn types, even some chenille! And I think I was quite true to both the pattern and to the yarn and colour suggestion. My Rowan books are stashed at the attic, but I think I really should consider a hunt for them again! And if you know which issue this one was a part of I would be happy to hear from you!

4 responses to “A more than 20 years old Rowan sweater…

  1. The sweater is beautiful! And your site too! 😉 I also adore Rowan yarns and designs, but I have not been knitting for long yet (although I learned it from my grandmother when I was a child).

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    • Thank you! And I also have had little time to knit the last 15 years due to work and motherhood, but the last few years I have really appreciated it again!


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