Scarf and Shawl

The April jacket is not even a week “old”, but is used every day by a happy girl! So the sister has asked for one as well… I have started on it, and this time I will try to write down the pattern in case someone would like to try to knit one!Angora pinstripe scarf

But May will be a month for scarves & shawls! I have always avoided to knit scarves and shawls as I get bored trying to make it long enough… I have already started on a scarf (will share it soon!) but are more uncertain about what type of shawl, there are so many amazing patterns to choose from!

The few scarves I have made has often ended up too short to be very useful. That is; last fall I found some gorgeous yarn from a local angora spinner, and made a scarf with a pattern from Purl Soho (see the project and link to the pattern here). Angora pinstripe scarfI also altered the pattern into a shawl (this is how it looks!). Both of them are given away, but I have planned to make something to keep… so May will be the month!