Jente Jakker


This is from "Alt for Damene Babystrikk", a knitting magazine from the '50s.
This is from “Alt for Damene Babystrikk”, a knitting magazine from the ’50s.

I actually started on my first April project in March… It was too tempting when I brought home the very nice Alpaca/Cashmere yarn that one of the girl chose herself. The picture of the baby jacket is from a magazine from the 50’s (“Alt for Damene, Babystrikk). As my girls are too big for such a garment, I tested the structure pattern, and it looks so nice! So now I have started on a jente jakke as follows: I am planning it as a short sleeved jacked with garter stitch, but with the upper part with the structure pattern from the baby book. I call it “waterlilies”, it is the impression it gives me when I look closely at it! I have not seen this pattern any other places than in an old book I have, it was a bit difficult to figure out, but when I managed it is quite easy to make.Waterlilies