Shaping sleeves and shoulders; “seamless shoulders”

As mentioned before; I am not very fond of too much sewing so if I can knit together seams I prefer that (thus the name “seamless”…)! This is the first time I have done it for shoulder seams, and it turned out pretty nice. It was quite easy but it is important to always keep an eye on the tension; it must not be too tight or too loose, just check regularly that the back and front piece fits together nicely!

"Seamless" shoulders
“Seamless” shoulders

Start with one stitch at the top of the shoulder (I knitted the four last stitches from my puff sleeves together). Then do as described for each image below (I have included the stepwise text below as well). If you insert the needles from the back of the stitches from “front” and “back” when you slip them it will give you a twist on the stitch.  I am sure it is different ways to do this. Good luck!

Step 1: Start with one stitch in the middle in addition to the “front” and “back” stitches on separate needles.

Step 2: Slip the middle stitch over to the left needle.

Step 3: Slip the first stitch from the “front” stitches over to the left needle.

Step 4: Slip the two stitches to the right needle.

Step 5: Slip the first stitch from the “back” needle to the right needle.

Step 6: Now you have the middle stitch in front of one stitch from the “front” and one from the “back” stitches.

Step 7: Insert left needle into the three stitches from front side.

Step 8: Pull the yarn through with the right needle.

Step 9: Now put on the tension you want, then start on the first step again.