Shaping sleeves and shoulders; puff sleeves

In February I started on my Vintage Winter project, and now I am almost done. The jumper needed more concentration as soon as I started on the sleeves, so the number of times per week I were able to work on it decreased remarkable. Good for all other projects (such as my Leaves Throw, Trellis Hat and Summer Dishcloths). It has been three parts of the jumper I found particularly challenging: 1: I did not like the lace pattern in the original 1951 version 2: I am fond of raglan/inserted sleeves, but wanted a puff version, never done that before 3: I always try to avoid too much sewing; now I wanted to try to knit together the shoulder seams. My jumper is finished and will be presented in a separate post, but here comes some details about the puff sleeves:

Inserted sleeves with puff: Here I inserted the sleeves with raglan, and did a regular decrease totally 12 times. After that I only made decrease on the sleeve side. Finally, the last decreases were done with three stitches at a time: