More yarn…

I often get the feeling that my kids are in an eternal need of new clothes; at certain ages clothes seem to disappear, get ripped and outgrown very easily. More Yarn...I like to knit to the kids, but it is not very rewarding to make complicated garments that is outworn (or not liked…) almost before I have finished them! So this time I brought one of the girls to the yarn store to choose the yarn herself (with some discrete guidance… or it would have been silk, pearls, nylon etc…). Luckily it was a sale an I got high quality, soft alpaca/cashmere yarn for a very reconable price… even in a colour she liked!

Testing yarn and structure patternsNow I plan the theme for April to be something in that direction, maybe spring jackets for girls…?Still a few more days until I will make a decision!

But new yarn is one of my prime sources of inspiration, and although I haw wary too many unfinished projects I have to confess that I have started knitting, just testing the gauge and to see if I like knitting with a thicker yarn than I usually use…

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