St.John’s Wort

This is a very nice lace pattern called St. John’s wort. This is also a name of a flower (not the one in my post but one called Hypericum Perforatum or Johannesurt in Norwegian). Johannesurt has yellow flowers and if you rub a flower between your fingers it will give of a red colour. It is used in traditional medicine but are famous for its interaction with other medication…

I have used the pattern to make a few dish cloths; this was not a true “March” project as I made them last summer. But last week my sister-in-law visited and wanted to try to knit the pattern so I decided to write it up and share! And it was good to add some not so “warm&wooly” projects here; the temperature is above zero and we finally feel that it will be spring in a month or two. The pattern can be found at my Ravelry site: Summer Dishcloths.

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